König, A. (2018). Ed. Sustainability Science: Key Issues. Eathscan: Routledge

Sustainability Science: Key Issues is a comprehensive textbook for undergraduates, postgraduates, and participants in executive trainings from any disciplinary background studying the theory and practice of sustainability science. Each chapter takes a critical and reflective stance on a key issue or method of sustainability science. Contributing authors offer perspectives from diverse disciplines, including physics, philosophy of science, agronomy, geography, and the learning sciences.

This book equips readers with a better understanding of how one might actively design, engage in, and guide collaborative processes for transforming human-environment-technology interactions, whilst embracing complexity, contingency, uncertainties, and contradictions emerging from diverse values and world views. Each reader of this book will thus have guidance on how to create and/or engage in similar initiatives or courses in their own context.

Sustainability Science: Key Issues is the ideal book for students and researchers engaged in problem and project based learning in sustainability science



König, A. (2013). Ed. The Regenerative sustainable development of universities and cities: the role of living laboratories. Edward Elgar 

Now that the Earth has reached the limits of its biophysical carrying capacity, we have to change technologies, social practices and social norms relating to material production and consumption to ensure that we do not further jeopardize the functioning of our planet’s life support systems. Through research, education and civic engagement, universities have a pivotal role to play in this transition. This timely book explores how universities are establishing living laboratories for sustainable development, and examines the communication networks and knowledge infrastructures that underpin impact both on and beyond the campus. m




In Press

Environmental and sustainability education in the Benelux countries: Research, policy and practices at the intersection of education and societal transformation

Van Poeck, Katrien; König, Ariane; Wals, Arjen E.J.    

in Environmental Education Research (in press), (Special Issue)



Environmental and Sustainability Education (ESE) in the Benelux region

Van Poeck, Katrien; Wals, Arjen E.J.; König, Ariane 

in Environmental Education Research (in press)






How can Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services help understanding and steering agroecological transitions?

Dendoncker, Nicolas; Boeraeve, Fanny; Crouzat, Emilie; Dufrêne, Marc; König, Ariane; Barnaud,Ceciln      

in Ecology and Society (2018), 23(1), 12



Exploring alternative futures with scenarios

Drenth, Gerard; Elahi, Shirin; König, Ariane                                                                      

in König, Ariane (Ed.) Sustainability Science: Key issues (2018)



Systems approaches for transforming social practice: Design requirements

König, Ariane               

in König, Ariane (Ed.) Sustainability Science: Key issues (2018)



Sustainability science: Key issues

König, Ariane

Book published by Routledge (2018)




König, Ariane

in König, Ariane (Ed.) Sustainability science: Key issues (2018




König, Ariane

in König, Ariane (Ed.) Sustainability science: Key issues (2018)





Community-based monitoring for improved water governance: A case study in Holbox Island, Quintana Roo State, Mexico

Tran, Kim Chi; König, Ariane

in König, Ariane (Ed.) Sustainability Science: Key issues (2018)





Learning to confront complexity: What roles can a computer-based problem-solving scenario play?
Sonnleitner, Philipp; König, Ariane; Sikharulidze, Tea

in Environmental Education Research (2017)






Transforming the World by Transforming the University: Envisioning the University of 2040

König, Ariane; Dyball, Robert; Davila, Federico

in Solutions (2016), 7(3), 12-16



Learning through evaluation e A tentative evaluative scheme for sustainability transition experiments

Luederitz, Christopher; Schäpke, Niko; Wiek, Arnim; Lang, Daniel J.; Bergmann, Matthias; Bos, Joannette J.; Burch, Sarah; Davies, Anna; Evans, James; König, Ariane; Farrelly, Megan A.; Forrest, Nigel; Frantzeskaki, Niki; Gibson, Robert B.; Kay, Braden; Loorbach, Derk; McCormick, Kes; Parodi, Oliver; Rauschmayer, Felix; Schneidewind, Uwe; Stauffacher, Michael; Stelzer, Franziska; Trencher, Gregory; Venjakob, Johannes; Vergragt, Philip J.; von Wehrden, Henrik; Westley, Frances R.

in Journal of Cleaner Production (2016), xxx