A vision for the Athénée: SCHOOL FUTURES Workshop on 19.10.18


Objective of the workshop:

Building the foundation of the vision by capturing core tasks and underlying, groundbreaking values ​​… building on the findings of the last workshop.

Create a room for:

  • Exchange between pupils and teachers from different fields: Renegotiation of the “purpose” of the Athénée and related core tasks.
  • Gaining a common understanding of the links between successful completion of core tasks and the social and physical / technological learning environment.

To each participant by cooperation:

  • An introduction to a method for systemic consideration.
  • Learning about the current situation, with new eyesight, and discovering potential courses of action and recommendations for schools and politics.

A first overview of the procedure and results:

Pictures and results of the day

A detailed report and details about the workshop methods will follow soon …

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