NEXUS CITIZEN SCIENCE – 01.07.2019: Syr-Workshop

The NEXUS CITIZEN SCIENCE project of the University of Luxembourg offers you the opportunity to actively shape the future of water conservation, environmental monitoring and science on the way to sustainable water governance. The aim of the project is to collectively develop a Citizen Science project and tool, which allow you to observe and document collectively defined aspects in and around water bodies. The project should be relevant for you. It should build on your experiences and perspectives  to generate knowledge about the state of our waters, which is relevant in your environment and can contribute to more sustainable water governance.

One of the first parts of the project is our work around the Syr. Here we try to learn more about the state of the Syr and its contributors, focusing on small streams. Although small streams are very valuable for overall freshwater ecology and biodiversity, we know only very little about the state of our streams in Luxembourg.

In this context, we would like to invite you to our workshop, which we are organizing on Monday, July 1st, from 17:30 to 19:30 at the commune of Niederanven: 18 rue d’Ernster, Oberanven (meeting room near the entrance of the technical service). Here you can share your experiences and perspectives and help shape our work around the Syr in such a way that it is relevant for citizens and the region.

In the workshop we will also present a Citizen Science tool which is used internationally. With this tool, anyone can easily collect data on water quality. The tool is already being used by a group in the NEXUS CITIZEN SCIENCE project to learn more about the state of the Aalbaach and Bouneschbaach in Niederanven and the role environmental conditions play. The data complement already existing databases (e.g. national) on larger water bodies in Luxembourg and contribute to an international database. It helps to investigate the state of freshwater bodies in a yet unique dimension – worldwide. How you can contribute to these efforts will be explained in the workshop.

If you want to contribute to more sustainable water governance in Luxembourg and plan to participate in the workshop, please register under

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at

In this part of the project we work together with the municipality of Niederanven and the River Partnership Syr.

Further information on the NEXUS CITIZEN SCIENCE project can be found on our online platform and website.

Karl Pickar

Doctoral candidate

University of Luxembourg

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