Wissenschaftlicher Beirat

Bruno Alves cropped

Henry-Michel Cauchie
Head of Water Security and Safety Research Unit
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

Henry-Michel Cauchie
Alexandra Arendt

Muki Haklay
Professor of Geographic Information Science,
University College London (UCL)

Muki Haklay
Edgard Arendt

Ciarán McGinley
Senior Associate

Ciaran McGinley

Raymond Erpelding
Honorary President
Association Luxembourgeoise des Services d’Eau (ALUSEAU)

Raymond Erpelding

Walter Rademacher
Federation of European National Statistical Societies FENStatS

Walter Rademacher

Joachim Hansen
Associate Professor in Engineering Science
University of Luxembourg

Jo Hansen

John Robinson
Professor at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy and
the School of the Environment
University of Toronto

John Robinson

Jean-Jacques Ludovicy
Präsident, Landwirtschaftlech Kooperatioun Uewersauer (LAKU)

Stefan Muellendorf
Flusspartnerschaft Syr

Stephan Müllenborn-Amon cropped

Simon Norcross
Greenpeace Luxembourg


Frank Richarz
Naturpark Obersauer

Frank Richarz cropped

Rachel Reckinger
Research Scientist
Sustainable Food Practices Project
University of Luxembourg

02.10.2012 Reckinger Rachel parler vin nouvelle ouvrage.

Olivier Thunus
STATEC, Head of Energy and Environment Unit

Silvia Venditti
Research Facilitator – Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Luxembourg

Silvia Vendetti