Vortrag – 30.04.2019: Energy Sustainability: reframing the way we see and act in energy systems

Speaker:Mr Ciarán McGinley, NormannPartners & Oxford Scenarios Programme
Event date:Tuesday, 30 April 2019 07:00 pm – 08:30 pm
Place:Campus Kirchberg, Salle Paul Feidert (E00-D10)
6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
L-1359 Luxembourg

We live in a world that is increasingly turbulent, uncertain, innovative and full of ambiguity. How do large institutional and industrial actors in the energy sector successfully plan in such an environment? How do they navigate this complexity? How do they frame sustainability? With so many contextual drivers changing at the same time and with increasing speed, what does success look like in this sector – and for whom? A way of seeing the world – a model of how things work around here – is a very powerful thing. It empowers you as a manager to act, to steer, to set targets, to monitor KPIs and to get things done. But inside every model is a blind spot – a way of not seeing. And that is where scientific discovery and theory starts to get really important. The truth is that one map, one model, is never enough. We all need different models, different maps, different frames to see differently and to get things done – and to get them done well. And, today more than ever, the global energy sector needs different ways of seeing the world to navigate through the transition to a sustainable energy ecosystem. This lecture will introduce participants to how some of the world’s largest energy players are framing this transition. It will introduce participants to exploring some of the main issues in the energy sector through the use of reframing techniques, scenario planning, systems thinking, value constellations and dilemma thinking from a practitioner’s perspective.

Ciarán McGinley has 35 years of experience in inter-governmental organisations, intellectual property and innovation. He has held a wide range of strategic positions at the European Patent Office (Chef de Cabinet, Controller, Board Member). During his time at the EPO, he created the Chief Economist function, initiated the OECD working relationship and set-up the acclaimed Scenarios for the Future of Global Patenting. More recently he has supported both institutional and corporate clients in their strategic development and use of scenario planning in the areas of energy, city travel, water, education, mining and construction. Ciarán holds an MBA from HEC, Paris and a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering from Bristol University. Ciarán lives in the Netherlands and speaks English, French, Dutch and German.

Lecture in the framework of the lecture series ‚Science and Citizens meet Challenges of Sustainability‘ and the ‚Certificate in Sustainability and Social Innovation‘.

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